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Who doesn't love an air plant? Especially when you can display it in a work of art?

Hand-formed copper is then enameled in kiln-fired vitrous enamel for a lustrous, ethereal effect.

Suspended on hand-tied faux leather straps.

Ready to hang and display!

Each piece is handmade and an original design. No two are alike. The piece you see here is the piece you will recieve.

Included is one to two airplants that may or may not be what is pictured but will be carefully chosen to enhance your piece.

Holder is approx. 4"x3"x1.5"  hanger adds another 15"

Detailed airplant care instructions included.

Vitreous Enamel Hanging Air Plant Holder Blue

SKU: 1
  • Airplants like bright, indirect light and temps above 60 degrees F. Spritz a few times a week, more when the air is dry. You can place your airplants outside in a protected spot in the summer. Enjoy!

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